Medical Membership – Governors Medspa & Concierge Medicine

The Practice that Cares for You … Inside and Out!

Doctor visits can be a hassle. There are scheduling conflicts, the inevitable waiting room times and the limited time spent with a doctor after that long wait. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could magically bypass all these time wasters?

Governors MedSpa & Concierge Medicine offers valuable solution to these common healthcare challenges.

Governors MedSpa & Concierge Medicine will provide the highest level of personalized and preventative care. Annual physicals, coordinating labs and radiology and other specialized tests as needed, coordinating care with specialists, same day appointments and prescription refills, triaging unexpected hospital visits and sharing the latest medical advancements and releases of new drugs that impact you are the hallmark of what we do. Upon joining our practice each patient will undergo a full evaluation related to health needs and life style issues. Attention is given to assess not only your current medications but also, more importantly, how lifestyle impacts your wellness. Many people live complicated busy lives that often impact diet, exercise, sleep habits, and even medical care. For that reason, we will approach your health from a living perspective not an illness perspective.


Your journey as a Governors MedSpa & Concierge Medicine patient will begin with a complete medical history and a review of prescriptions and procedures followed by a complete physical examination and then a full profile of labs and testing depending on your history. It is imperative that the team knows as much as possible about each patient needs and preferences, and a pulse on what level of nutrition and fitness each patients is striving to attain. In addition to sick and wellness visits, Governors MedSpa and Concierge Medicine will also coordinate all lab testing and interpretation, all radiology testing and interpretation, and necessary triaging of hospital and other physician specialist visits. Patients are granted 24 hour access to healthcare and same day appointments when necessary, as well as, same day prescription refills. Dr. Heath, Dr. Ashley and Wendy will be available to discuss your disease management, talk with any specialists you are currently seeing in an effort to have complete and accurate information, and to discuss current prescriptions and alternative solutions among many other services.

We all know that navigating our health with the bureaucracy and out of control insurance costs has become very labor intensive and cumbersome.  We offering our patients an opportunity to take back control of their lives and healthcare at a fraction of the cost.  We will be “The Practice that cares for YOU…Inside and Out!”