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  • Governors MedSpa & Concierge Medicine

    Governors MedSpa and Concierge Medicine was established in 2017 by Dr.’s Heath and Ashley Trowell. Dr.’s Heath and Ashley Trowell had previously established and operated a successful family medical practice in 2009. After several years the decision was made to sell the practice to a larger health system. Both doctors quickly realized that working for a larger company prevented them from practicing medicine freely. The plan was made to create a practice that gets back to patients first, and the motto was born, “The Practice that Cares for YOU…Inside and Out!”

    The practice has dual purpose, helping heal both the inside and outside of a patient by offering medical spa services as well as medicine.  Dr.’s Heath and Ashley Trowell have been administering injectables successfully for several years, but are now able to expand their services and offer the latest high-quality spa treatments. Included in these services are new injection techniques to restore volume and beauty to the face as well as eliminating unwanted hair, pigment and vascular issues on patients. Both doctors can also treat patients with the newest fat elimination and skin tightening lasers.

    With this new practice, Dr. Heath and Dr. Ashley will be able to offer a higher quality of healthcare to individuals who enroll in the concierge medicine program at their office. This concierge model is practiced by doctors for several years and the Trowell team is bringing this model to Acworth. By eliminating insurance, this allows more one-on-one time with providers and patients. With the help of newest Apple technology, this model allows for quicker, protected access to healthcare via telephone, skype, and office visits.

    Both doctors Heath and Ashley have a passion for maintaining both internal and external physical fitness and appearance. They also both understand today’s society that work, children, and travel makes it difficult to comply with larger healthcare organizations to have access to healthcare, prescription refills, and medical questions. Both physicians have a goal to have the original family practice where your doctors truly care for their patients and become part of their family!