Venus Bliss Max – Governors Medspa & Concierge Medicine

If you are experiencing excess body fat, wanting to improve muscle definition, or experiencing skin laxity and/or cellulite, Venus Bliss MAX™ can help! Three different treatment options are available in one platform, including diode laser fat reduction treatments, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) muscle toning, and cellulite reduction/skin treatments. All three treatments can be combined in the exclusive TriBody program for a complete total body transformation.

Each treatment is quick and proven to be clinically safe and effective. Best of all, they’re safe for all skin types and require no downtime.

The ideal candidate for Venus Bliss MAX™ treatments includes someone who has excess body fat, is looking to improve muscle definition, or experiences skin laxity and cellulite, which can’t be addressed by diet and exercise alone.

Ideal candidates for Venus Bliss MAX™ fat reduction treatments are close to their ideal weight, with a BMI of 30 or less and pockets of stubborn fat. 

Good candidates for Venus Bliss MAX™ skin and cellulite treatments have mild to moderate skin laxity or dimpling.

People who are currently pregnant or undergoing IVF, or who have thyroid disorders, internal defibrillators, metal implants, or diseases triggered by exposure to heat are not good candidates for Venus Bliss MAX™.

You can achieve the personalized results you want quickly and comfortably in as little as one treatment. To maximize outcomes, you can effectively combine the 3 modalities for fat, muscle, and skin with the TriBody program. The TriBody program is exclusively available on the Venus Bliss MAX™ platform, a clinically researched and validated technology.

For fat reduction and cellulite reduction treatments, you can expect optimal results three to six months after your last treatment. 

For muscle toning treatments, you’ll see initial improvements within two to four weeks after your final treatment, with optimal results visible after eight to 12 weeks.

The TriBody system has been shown to be effective for patients who are good candidates. 

Clinical studies showed an average fat reduction of 8.55% within 12 weeks of a single treatment. A reduction in body fat thickness of up to 41% can be occur after a series of treatments, and over 95% of patients studied