Wrinkle Reducers


Wrinkles such as worry lines, laugh lines, neck lines, crow’s feet and neck bands are caused by muscles under the skin contracting when we laugh, smile or express emotions facially. BOTOX® Cosmetic so effective because it works on the root of the cause, the muscles. BOTOX® Cosmetic temporarily weakens the skin’s muscles, reducing its ability to contract. No contractions mean no wrinkles, and skin smoother, tighter and wrinkle-free skin.


At Governors MedSpa & Concierge Medicine are excited to be one of the first providers in the area to offer Jeuveau, also known as #NEWTOX.  Jeuveau is another purified form of botulinum toxin that has been shown to deliver temporary improvement in moderate to severe frown lines by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscles, ultimately resulting in a reduction of muscle activity, temporarily preventing contraction of the muscles that cause frown lines and reducing the appearance of movement lines. Jeuveau delivers natural fast results for both men and women!


There’s another name in the “wrinkle-busting force”, and it’s every bit as good as industry stalwarts like BOTOX® Cosmetic.  Dysport® is a proven treatment and has been around for close to two decades.

Governors MedSpa offers a range of Dysport® treatments. Whether you want to stop the first signs of wrinkles or want to rejuvenate and tone skin, lines and features, we have the answers.